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our background.

Bringing the best quality for you is our priority. As we are a company that was founded with the mission of providing convenience and service to every customer in the field of development. Located in the busiest and biggest capital of Indonesia, this company started as a family business whose owner is a technology and quality enthusiast. Starting from the owner's concern regarding...

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quality driven.

Bringing the best quality for you is our priority. As we are a solution provider specialist, quality is one of the many things we hold on to. Proven by many previous projects and testimonies of ours, and testimonies, we are confident to provide you with top notch materials. 



No no, don’t get us wrong. Investment doesn’t always mean buying shares or bonds to earn profits. But when you choose us, we make sure your money is worth the investment for your house, buildings, etc. Investing in the right products means gaining the long-term benefits that comes with these products. No more fixing leaks for up to 15 years, way less cracks on floorings, and less expense on the electricity bill! which brings us to the next point.

peace of mind.

Investing in high quality products means longer lifespan. Using our waterproofing product as an example, our leakfree waterproofing series stretches up to 800%. When cracks start to form, our product stretches into a protective layer like an umbrella to protect rain from entering your house. Heavy rain won’t give you headaches no more! Comfort awaits you.


satisfied customers.

"sudah dari tahun 2013 tembok menggunakan cool roof, tetapi warna cat tetap putih, gak berjamur, dan gak kotor kelihatannya" 




“Pernah pakai dulu dan sekarang beli lagi. Memang dinding jadi tidak panas setelah dilapis cat ini. Sellernya juga sangat helpful dan informatif. Recommend!!.”




“Mantuuuuuuuuul 👍, informative, cooperative, berkualitas & packing aman, solusi delivery ok. Solusi aman utk dak berkualitas top👌.Trims & sukses trus 🙏”




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