who are we?

We are a company that was founded with the mission of providing convenience and service to every customer in the field of development. Located in the busiest and biggest capital of Indonesia, this company started as a family business whose owner is a technology and quality enthusiast. Starting from the owner's concern regarding building materials that don't last long, making him eager to innovate and create the best possible product. In the end, to turn his values into a reality, the founder decided to dig deeper on  waterproof, heatproof, and flooring in a country with unquestionable technological sophistication such as Japan, Europe and the United States of America.


our humble beginning. 

PT. Citra Megah Selecomindo were only focusing on B2B projects. Our company's experience started with the telecommunications sector back in 2010. With that achievement, we’ve managed to decrease the cost of the air conditioning at BTS (Base Transceiver Station) tower by 80%. In 2011, we started new experiments with new ideas and innovations for energy saving solutions beyond the telecommunication sectors. And our first official product was Reflecto where we became the waterproofing and heatproofing specialist for our B2B clients.

identifying problem.

setting up a meeting with you for free, discussing all your current complaints and needs. 

quality material.

consist of the right material for your problem, based on experiences and what we learn from overseas

On-Site Consultations

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The Finishing


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our new beginning.

Surviving and thriving in the midst of the intense pandemic effect to businesses around the world, reflecto explores the retail industry with the concept and value of "Solution Provider Specialist" where our mission is to help clients with their problems around leaks, heat, and floorings. Our products are produced with high quality materials and some have been proven with lab tests. For the satisfaction of our customers, we will continue to innovate and create the true homely comfort.

behind the color.

Psychology of color in Logo Design

“Color is a profound and mysterious language.“


The dominance of this color gives the impression of warmth, comfort, safety, protection, support, sense of duty, material security & stability. Psychologically, the color brown also gives the impression of strength, secure and reliable. Usually, the company applies brown color  to the design logo to give a calm soul impression for those who see it.


White is a pure color, that’s why it is often seen as a color that has clean effect. White color means wholeness, completeness, immaculateness and neatness. White is also a color that brings out the simple, minimalist, and elegant look. 

we are YOUR solution provider specialist.

David Allan Coe once said.. "It is not the beauty of a building you should look at: It's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of me.” and we stand by it.
PT. Citra Megah Selecomindo provides the solutions you need for waterproofing, heatproofing, and flooring.

Here are our solutions :

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