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Specializing in smart and comfortable living to help your problems go away.

Reflecto Film focusing on heat-reflective glass designed to minimize heat entering your car or home. With Nano Technology, it blocks out up to 99% of Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet rays, *and dust won’t easily stick to your window by anti-static technology.

Reflecto Film, here to solve your problems with heat and/or sunlight!

Are you using a darker glass film so the sun doesn't hurt your eyes? But when it's night time you have to be cautious because it is just too dark. So you change it to a brighter glass film to help you drive better at night, but then again.. The glare of the sun disturbs your eye. 

Are you having those kinds of problems too? Same for our CEO, he was having the same problem as all of you, hence that is why he brought this product all the way from Japan!

Don't forget to drive safe and comfortably!

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